We Bring The Party To You

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launching Jet ski.jpg

We Bring The Party To You

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Cant come to us?  We will bring the party to you!  Pricing options are based on the travel time from The Jefferson House to your venue. To determine the travel time type the address 139 Nolans Point Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, 07849 into google maps then set the destination address of your venue. Please use the traffic filters which take into account the time of departure. Then choose the appropriate pricing option based on the time it takes to get to your venue. If your venue exceeds two hours overnight expenses are automatically factored into the final cost.

Before booking we will need to do an assessment of your venue to make sure it meets minimum safety requirements.  Please have available before calling the following information:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of the venue
  • Waters depths at low and high tide.
  • We do not operate in waves over 3 feet
  • Pictures of the venue including all ramps, docks, waterways and hazards.
  • Does the facility have bathrooms?
  • Note if there is any weed growth in the water (This will immediately clog and damage the jet ski)
  • Please conduct your own research on the legality of watersports at your venue.  

Refunds will not be issued if the party is shut down by local authorities or if the venue is unsafe to operate.

This add on feature is only available for party package sessions, not for individual 45 minute sessions.

This price is for one trailered jetski.   Larger parties may require additional equipment and resources and will be calculated according to each trailered item.



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