2014 Hoverboard Kit

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2014 Hoverboard Kit


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Due to a high volume of credit card fraud related to our high end products we need to first verify a few things before we unlock this item to be purchased.

1.  We need to verify that you have completed an owner/operator course from an authorized flyboard dealer.

2.  We need a photocopy of a government issued ID verifying your identity

3.  If someone else is purchasing this item for you we will need a photocopy of a government issued ID matching the name on the credit card.

4.  We do not ship to Freight Forwarding Companies.


About this product:

You will be purchasing a new 2014 Hoverboard kit which includes:

  1. The 2014 hoverboard
  2. A hose
  3. U pipe.

The only additional thing you will need to purchase is the adaptor bolt assembly kit specific to the type of jet ski you will be using to power your hoverboard.




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